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Нашла сайт, где описаны марки и особенности клейм винтажной бижутерии. Правда, марки там не все, например, нет прекрасного Monet, но зато есть такие, которых я пока не знаю.

Вот ссылка: http://www.antiquingonline.com/jewelry-designers.htm

Пример текста (кто читает по-английски - милости прошу, перед вами описание популярнейшей Coro):

"Coro - Coro/Corocraft: Early Coro jewelry, (as early as 1901), is marked "CR", (stands for Emanuel Cohn and Gerald Rosenberg.) Coro production ceased in 1979, except for Coro, Inc, in Canada, which was still operational in 1990. The "Coro" mark, which is most common, was in use since 1919. "Coro Craft" mark was used since 1937 and was originally used on higher quality pieces. "Corocraft (one word) was used after WWII. The Pegasus mark was used after the war. Coro used many additional marks. Matching sets were generally more popular in the late 40s and 50s and the WWII vermeil era was generally more about pins and brooches. Often they came in pin/brooch/duette + earring sets but rarely as full parures. Coro's most collectible items are: early jewelry, duettes, jelly belly figurals, Mexican sterling, some Corocrafts, most Vendome jewelry and sets from 1930 to 1950.
    Coro/Corocraft Signatures:
  • Script Coro - in use since 1919.
  • Coro Craft - used since 1937.
  • Sterling Craft Coro - used in 1942, a less expensive line, usually vermeil over light weight sterling.
  • CoroCraft Sterling - used from 1942 to the spring of 1944, highest priced line.
  • Coro Sterling - used after WWII, silver with no gilding, a lighter weight and quality.
  • CoroCraft - registered in 1945 but used from 1944 until 1947I.
  • Pegasus mark - used after WWII".
Очень удобно. 

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